Family Farm Skelin adorns the production of four types of red wine and two kinds of white wine.

Red wines :
Merlot Barrique
high quality wine, harmonic flavor to drink moderately chilled with all meals and every occasion
quality red wine, wild raspberry flavor to drink moderately chilled with dark meat, ham and cheese
Old Man
quality red wine, delicate and light taste. The wine that is used with all meals and all occasions.
quality red wine, produced from two indigenous grape Miljevac end. It can be drunk moderately chilled with dark meats, ham and cheese.

White Wines:
quality white wine, made ​​from indigenous varieties debit Miljevac end, gentle and light taste, which is served moderately chilled and drink with all meals and occasions.
Table wine, characteristic flavor and floral aroma, which is drunk chilled with white meats and fish.

Domestic Economy offers its guests and all lovers of wine and prosciutto ham producer and sightseeing own winery, where you will be able to try and tuck traditional home products Miljevac end. The answers to all the questions and the information will give you our agronomka that will be available for tasting.

Smoked ham

Smoked ham - the delights of the Sibenik hinterland long tradition built up meat products, Family Skelin decided to offer you our valued guests, unique Miljevački Dalmatian smoked ham and bacon. Method of manufacturing Miljevački ham decorated with traditional production, which consists of five months of drying the wood of oak, hornbeam and spruce. On a cold and biting Dalmatian wind, spicy scents of sea salt, Mediterranean plants and herbs, in an ideal microclimate Miljevci plane.

Takes place in the final process of drying and maturation of indigenous delicacies of the region. The annual production capacity is 800 pieces of ham (whole ham with bone).